We are:

In a title; "The republic State of Texas".
Used in a sentence; "the republic State of Texas", or "republic State of Texas".
Established by the First Estate (We the People) under the Authority of Law. 
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We are not:

"Republic of Texas", "The Republic of Texas", "republic of Texas", "Republic of Texas Interim Government",  "Republic of Texas Provisional Government", or any other variation.





Founder's Quote:
"The known propensity of a democracy is to licentiousness which the ambitious call, and ignorant believe to be liberty." --Fisher Ames, speech in the Massachusetts Ratifying Convention, 1788

(Other research has shown that such comments, as above, were directed at the conditions that were being experienced at that time under the Articles of Confederation/Continental Congress.)


Peaceful re-inhabitation
of our republics is here!


On March 2, 1861, Texas seceded from the union, most Texans are aware of that history.

What is less understood is that they abandoned and vacated the republic that was a state of the union.

That republic known as the State of Texas (upper and lower case letters) still existed much like a shell corporation and has continued down to us today as a vacant republic.

When the civil war was over and all the political wrangling and strong arming had stopped, Texans adopted a new constitution of 1876, the one in force today but it is not the same as the 1845 State of Texas Constitution.

The 1876 Texas Constitution in Article 11 Section 1 identifies the STATE OF TEXAS and all of its counties as Municipal Corporations.  The ALL CAPS designation came later to distinguish the Municipal Corporation from the vacant republic state.

On March 29, 2010, an Assembly of Texans met as is their right reserved by We the People in the Bill of Rights and peacefully Re-Inhabited the vacant republic state.

These same Texans later formed a Provisional Government and titled it “the republic State of Texas” the purpose of which is to bring the 1845 State of Texas back to a fully functioning and updated form of government to be voted on and affirmed by the People of Texas.

We have as such inherited the legacy given to us by our Texas Forefathers as well as the women who stood by their side.

We do not intend to try to take over the STATE OF TEXAS municipal corporation government or abolish it.  The people in Texas who desire such government have a right to it just as those who don’t cannot be compelled against their will to be a member of the Corporation.

Therefore we intend to operate in parallel with the Corporation and give the People of Texas the choice to inhabit a true government or they can be a member of a corporation.

By Re-Inhabiting the vacant state republic we inherited all of is Laws.


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De Jure Government is Restored!

The republic State of Texas is here!
The re-inhabited Republic for the united States of America has been Restored circa 1791 Constitutional Law

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Pro-Justice - Patriotic - Tax Paying - Truth Seeking - Conservative
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