All welcome!

Open call, every Thursday at 8:00pm, for anyone interested in learning more about our governing body known as The First Estate (We the People), how to become a participant in the jural societies and information about our republic State of Texas.

Call format & schedule:

8:00pm (sharp!)

  • Welcome & Introduction
  • Prayer
  • Reading of Psalm 91
  • New participant’s affirmation and reading of the First Estate Compact (Form TexFEC).  The participant’s who have previously made the decision, should have their form ready and be prepared to stand.  Your decision precedes your oath.  The First Estate Compact will be read aloud and together, with your personal information inserted.  
  • Brief overview of the website’s and


  • Official presentation
  • On topic question & answer time
  • Prayer
  • Closing


  • Off-the-record question & answer time

How to access the call:

Past call to listen to:

Thursday, February 14, 2013 - Open Call (available until 08/31/13):